Ends on January 31, 2018

$15.00 USD

Please upload as individual files the following 10 items:

1. Your Resume/Curriculum Vitae. Either a PDF or Word Document. 
2. Eight (8) JPEG images, at 72 DPI resolution, maximum file size for each image 
submitted: 1 MB. Images must be numbered as in the image list. (See item no.3)
Important: we can only accept jpegs. Please do not submit: Powerpoint presentations, 
PDF, TIFF, Gif or PSD files.
3. Description of the images. Either a PDF or Word Document. Please prepare this document as a numbered list of the work you submitted. Specify the following:
Visual Arts: title, year, size, medium and brief synopsis.
Music: instrument(s), performer(s), composer, length of original piece, year.
Dance: choreographer, performer(s), length of original piece, year and brief synopsis.
Theater: screenwriter, director, actor(s), length of original piece, year and brief 
Writing: title, length of original piece, year and brief synopsis.
Chefs: three original recipes. It is also possible to send links to videos.
If needed, a brief (2-3 sentences) description can be included for each piece 
submitted, as long as it all fits into one page.

   You will be asked to submit a STATEMENT OF INTENT. Please enter here your project proposal for Tempo Lento- our 2018 theme.

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